I have ALL the heart eyes for this stunning maternity session! When Gluadia first messaged me about a maternity session, I was over the moon excited! It’s been a while since I’ve photographed a gorgeous mama-to-be, so I was nothing short of elated to have this opportunity. There’s something about expecting mothers I just adore. Their pregnancy glow is so beautiful and radiates pure happiness.

However, I had to keep my excitement contained. Her biggest concern was giving birth before our scheduled session. We stayed positive and hoped baby held off long enough to capture some bump photos. It was a perfect June day for a photo session, and we really lucked out with baby’s arrival. Gluadia felt like she was going to go into labor that morning, but thankfully it was a false alarm and we headed out in the late afternoon to shoot.

Now, I know your jaw is probably on the floor over how gorgeous the Derian family is. The best part about the whole shoot was I had nothing to do with their outfit choices. Nothing. Normally I’ll offer outfit advice for my clients, but this stylish family already knew how to dress to impress. When they hopped out of their car, I just about died of photographer happiness. First of all, that lace dress on Gluadia is drop dead gorgeous! She rocks this look, I’m so happy she went with this outfit! Mike is one lucky guy, isn’t he?

Of course, Mike and Aiden are so handsome in their suspenders. Aren’t their matching outfits adorable?! They look so dapper! I have to say, they were troopers for this photoshoot! Aiden is going to be the best big brother ever, I’m sure of it.