Two in home sessions in a row?! I’m certainly one lucky photographer! These sessions are quickly becoming my favorite (as if they weren’t already). I’ll never tire of getting to know families on a more personal level while capturing their little quirks and way of life.

My afternoon with the Snow family was nothing short of perfection. Little Boston was SO excited to have me over. He shared all of his toys with me, showed me around upstairs, and put on a little show which made for the most adorable photographs. While there were a few tears when we stopped playing with toys, it didn’t take long for him to bounce back and keep on going. I soaked up all the cute, chunky goodness from baby Ronan and even captured a few of his sweet smiles. Sometimes families need a tiny bit of direction with their sessions, but the Snows already knew exactly what to do to and let me do what I do best. Can you say dream come true?