Delaware Newborn Photographer | Charlotte’s In Home Newborn Session in Magnolia, Delaware

My 2017 season ended with this sweet family, and my 2018 season began with them! Not long after Charlotte’s arrival, we scheduled their in home newborn session. If you saw their Fresh 48 session, you already know how adorable this sweet girl is. Oh, and I’m all for photographing her head full of hair again. I didn’t expect Charlotte to be awake during her in home newborn session. We were lucky during the Fresh 48, so I figured there was no way we’d get lucky again.

Well, I was quickly proven wrong! Charlotte showed off her beautiful eyes again, and I am living for it. Isn’t she the most adorable newborn ever? I’d die of happiness to see every gorgeous newborn’s eyes. I understand they need their sleep though. Being snuggled and fed constantly is tiring work! She loves snuggling with her mom and dad, so we made sure to let her live that up. Their house boasts some perfect light for an in home newborn session, too. It all came together as a photographer’s paradise. If I could have that all the time, that’d be amazing.

Just like their Fresh 48 session, we weren’t too sure how big brother was going to react. However, we were pleasantly surprised! It’s beneficial for siblings to get used to their new baby brother or sister before the session. They become accustomed to this new little creature, and it makes photographing them that much easier. Now, did he still have other plans? Of course! Although, we captured some beautiful moments of big brother and little sister, so it all worked out in the end.

in home newborn session

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