Delaware Family Photography | Stamm Family at Abbott’s Mill Nature Center in Milford, Delaware | Rebecca Renner Photography

Have I ever mentioned how unnerving it is for photographers to photographer other photographers?? Because it is intimidating! I don’t know how I ever felt that way about the Stamm family though, because they are the sweetest little bunch ever! We had a beautiful, golden family session at Abbott’s Mill Nature Center in Milford, Delaware. Amy is usually the one behind the camera, so this was a chance of pace for her as well. She’s quickly grown to be one of my favorite people here, and I hope the military never sends them anywhere else!

I knew my work was going to be cut out for me with her littles. Adorable twin boys AND the cutest daughter ever? With perfect outfits to match? I die. The Stamm children have the craziest case of “photographer child syndrome” ever! I don’t have to tell them to look at me, they just do it on their own! Encouraging them to have fun and be themselves was a bit of a challenge. However, they warmed up to it throughout the session, and it made for some perfect moments.

It’s important to capture moments for a number of reasons. Of course you want family photos to showcase everyone and how they are growing, but that’s not always the most important part. In the Stamm’s case, their sweet daughter fights every day with her health. The moments we captured of her snuggling with mom and dad melted my heart, as they did theirs, too. I know those will be cherished forever, which means I’m doing my job. I look forward to watching them grow as a family in the coming years, as well as growing the best friendship with them!

family session at abbott's mill nature center

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