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I have to start this blog post with telling you just how unbelievably sweet Lindsey and Dan are. Their Marian Coffin Gardens engagement session is the first time I met them in person. Lindsey greeted me with a personal card, a box of Duck Donuts, and a bag of gourmet treats for my pups. Um, what?! Where did these angels come from?! Needless to say, I could have cried and knew we were going to have a great time. Spoiler alert: we did!

Dan always tells the story of how they met the same way. He starts it with a “Well, Prince had died,” and the rest rolls together from there. They met at a bar where Dan’s favorite cover band was playing, and Lindsey happened to be there after a friend convinced her to go out. Although, when Dan asked her to dance to a cover of “Purple Rain”, Lindsey politely declined! However, they clearly hit it off despite that!

They set up their first date a few days later, and now they’re set to get married this fall! Eeeek! I can’t wait, they are such a great couple and will definitely have an epic wedding to reflect that. As fellow pup parents, we talked all about our dogs and some of our favorite quirks about them. Talk about the way to my heart! I don’t know how long we were there, but we definitely talked a ton! There’s nothing better than getting to know the couples I work with. We hit it off right away and I’m so glad to have these new friends in my life.

I’m counting down the days to their wedding this year! For now, check out these cuties at their Marian Coffin Gardens engagement session.

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