Romantic Longwood Gardens Engagement Session

I’ll try not to cry writing this. I have said ‘see ya later’ to more military friends this year than I have in almost 5 years of being at Dover. I met Chrissy and Dale early on in my time here and have loved them since. So imagine my surprise to hear they were getting stationed in Germany before the year’s end. So in true Chrissy fashion, she went out with a bang! Their romantic Longwood Gardens engagement session gives me alllllll the feels. They’re already married, but to appease the Google gods, bear with me on that.

I miss these two so much. Wandering around Longwood Gardens together was insanely fun. They had NEVER been in all their years here. A romantic Longwood Gardens engagement session is honestly so effortless to achieve. Every nook and cranny there is beautiful and immaculately well kept. I never feel nervous with the Joneses, they trust me wholeheartedly and go along with anything silly I have them do. In the days before their move, we had homemade elote and tacos and played Super Smash Ultimate at my house. Chrissy and I mainly lost, but we still had fun as our husbands whooped our butts.

I talk more about them because I really so appreciate and love these two so much. They have been so supportive in everything I do, and a source of deep belly laughs and real talk about military life. It’s not an easy walk of life at all, so finding friends who get you is hard to come by. Even though Chrissy and Dale are across the globe now, it just means I have a place to crash in Germany. And I know when I get there, we will absolutely create more awesome photographs like these. Love you guys!

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